Bishi Bashi Special

Being an Uncle in Japan is obviously a tough thing. This compilation of 90 mini-games that makes up the truly marvellous 1998 PSone game Bishi Bashi Special is actually two games in one: the older Super Bishi Bashi and the newer Hyper Bishi Bashi. In both sets of games there is one involving the tormenting of Uncles.

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“Uncle Launcher” presents you with a large statue of a man holding two plates. Your task is to fire Uncles out of a cannon (by pressing X) and try and land them on the plate on your side of the screen. To make matters harder, the statue moves about and you can be challenged by another Uncle firing player at the same time. If you get sixteen or more Uncles on your plate, you win! So far, so bizarre. Now add the fact that all the “Uncles” are muscle-men and dressed in skimpy bikinis, who dance mad little jigs on the plate as they wait for more to join them and you’ve just about encapsulated the oddness of Bishi Bashi in one paragraph.

Explore what’s on offer in Hyper Bishi Bashi and you will find the game “Uncle Bean”. For this your poor Uncle must jump and position his face to catch the coloured beans that fly up in front of his face (d-pad left, right, up). As your Uncle here is compiled from a cartoon body with a photographed head of a bespectacled, bearded man stuck on top it all seems perfectly logical. I mean why shouldn’t Uncle want beans? He’s spent all day being fired out of a cannon, now he’s hungry of course.

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Bishi Bashi Special is most similar to the Nintendo Wario Ware games that came later. It offers plenty of short, sharp games to play that use minimal easy to understand controls while taxing your reflexes to the maximum. The bright, chunky cartoon characters and graphics are complimented by the loud Japlish shouting of things like “You LOSE!!” or “You the Winner!!”. Throw in comedy buzzers plus squeaking, honking and exploding noises. Add a dash of HUGE game titles in flashing letters and easy to follow tutorials before every game you may want to try and you have the perfect recipe for a late night party game best played with a group of inebriated mates.


This is just the tip of a loony gaming iceberg. It’s impossible to describe all the games that make up this marvellous package. Suffice to say that you’re bound to find at least one or two that will have you playing over and over again. It’s the best party game ever; fun, easy, accessible and wonderfully surreal in places. Just don’t play it on your own, its longevity drops to about one hour in single player. But with four or more people and the right attitude its hours of fun, and due to its kitsch looks and simplicity will probably remain a party favourite for many more years to come. It’s also available for download on the PlayStation Network if you happen to own a PS3 and only a paltry few quid as well. A bargain. So buy it. Those Uncles need to be taught a lesson.


This game can be played by children, adolescents and adults. In addition there are 90 minigames, this game can sharpen a child’s brain. With a diverse game, will not make bored childrens to play. This game is suitable for all ages because there is no element of violence, porn and all negative actions.


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